Covenant Discography

Wind of the North

i filtered the wind to sense the colours of the air
projecting the graphs describing past and future
the shapes of the living and calamity they bear
clairvoyance became a word far too weak
cynicism, awareness interlaced into grace
a beauty from which my valedictory springs
forgive what seems sinister and crude to face
forgive my conviction to save these skies
the wind of the north seems pleasant and lush
compared to the chill in my eyes at the time
the wind of the north obeys none but me
claim as a sun while deleting you all
a withering process was programmed and set
annihilation unfortunately inhibited itself
in the name of humanity the dissonance spread
the heavenly became so ripped and blurred
dimensional rift that defines our existence
fragile and weak while mankind lasts
to trigger the device that corrects and resets
focusing on routs neglecting the past

words: Clas Nachmanson / music: Clas Nachmanson & Eskil Simonsson
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