Covenant from Helsingborg, Sweden

founded on April 26, 1986 by

Eskil Simonsson,

Joakim Montelius &

Clas Nachmanson

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Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Clas Nachmanson, three school friends from Helsingborg, Sweden, officially founded the band Covenant in 1986.
The name Covenant refers to the Old Testament and means something like "alliance" and "solemn agreement" and is a symbol of the friendship between these three friends who pursue the common goal of making good (electronic) music.

Their music is a mixture of synthpop and electronic body music.

In 1994, Covenant's debut album "Dreams of a Cryotank" was released on the Swedish independent label Memento Materia. The track "Theremin" with its harsh EBM sound quickly became a hit in the electronic scene.

The title track of their EP "Figurehead", which was released in 1995, still fills dance floors today.

Covenant's second album "Sequencer" gave them their breakthrough in the electronic scene in 1996. “Stalker” was the first single release. This became an underground hit even in the USA.

The third album “Europa”, which was Album of the Year at SAMA [Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards], was released in 1998 on the new label SubSpace Communications and Covenant played their first headline tour.

In 2000, the friends presented their fourth album “United States of Mind”, which was also Album of the Year at SAMA.

The singles “Tour de Force” and “Dead Stars” still fill the dance floors today.

Their fifth album “Northern Light”, which was released in 2002 on the new Sony label KA 2, was also Album of the Year at SAMA.

From that point on, all of the three friends’ releases landed straight at the top of the German Alternative Charts (DAC), where they stayed for a very long time.

This made Covenant one of the most successful bands.

To this day, Covenant manages to release one dance floor hit after another.

In March 2007, Covenant announced that Clas Nachmanson would not be touring with the band and that his replacement would be Daniel Myer from Haujobb. In an interview with Side-Line magazine, Joakim Montelius from Covenant said he was not sure if Clas would stay with Covenant.
Unfortunately, Joakim Montelius' statement was confirmed and Clas Nachmanson did not stay with Covenant.

Since 2010, Joakim Montelius has not been seen on stage. However, Joakim still works in the studio and is therefore still part of Covenant.

Today Covenant consists of a total of five members:

  • Eskil Simonsson
    since 1986
    (vocals, keyboards, programming, drums)
  • Daniel Jonasson
    since 2011
    (keyboards, vocoder)
  • Andreas Catjar-Danielsson
    since 2013
    (keyboards, guitars
  • Daniel Myer
    since 2006
    (keyboards, backing vocals)
  • Joakim Montelius
    since 1986 & since 2010 only in the studio
    (keyboards, backing vocals, programming)

The EP “Fieldworks Exkursion” was released in 2019 on the label Dependent Records.

According to rumors, an album is being worked on. So it remains exciting.


Members of Covenant


Kilian Spohr (ShadowByte)

Erikastr. 1
46117 Oberhausen
Germany (DE)
info (at)
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