Covenant Discography

Tour de Force

you burn the ground to hold your position
you ran away if i came too close
you kept track of balance and pressure
all the dreams and desires
i want some more
green for the jackpot
take you down
i want to take you down
i want to take you down with me
we had the motion we had the grace
we had a sense of time and place
we wrote the rules we played the game
and it would never be the same
it was the beauty while we played
we played to win but no one did
we grew old we moved ahead
from dance hall days for higher stakes
you spun the wheel to keep my attention
you danced away if i missed a beat
you were queen of present and future
i was king and cavalier
on our tour de force

words: Joakim Montelius / music: Eskil Simonsson
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