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The City of Karlskrona
Stroboscope Lightning in November

In 1680 the Swedish king Karl XI. needed a strong base for his fleet at an ice-free port at the coast of the Baltic Sea situated in the South East of Sweden. And so the construction of the Naval City of Karlskrona began. Today the city ranges across 33 islands, which is why it is also called "Little Stockholm". Karlskrona has about 30.000 citizen and is well kown as Swedens only baroque city.

The city center of Karlskrona is situated around the grand market with the Holy Trinity Church (picture) on a small hill. The streets and lanes of the city are predominantly paved. Although Karlskrona with its university is well known as center of computer sciences by now, the cityscape is still affected by the Navy. The naval port with its ancient shipyards and defensive fortifications as well as some exclusive buildings of the city have been declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. While the Old Town impresses with its gorgeous buidings, especially the historical framehouses spread a compelling scandinavian charm.

In Karlskona Covenant played their very first concert in November 1992; unfortunately without Joakim, who was committed to examination at the university just on that important day! So he was represented by a friend called Ragnar who was also responsible for the bands stage outfit: Instead of the usual suits of today, Covenant entered the stage as "Space Samurais" - accompanied by stroboscope lightning and walls of dense fog.

Image source: wikimedia.org
Information source: www.karlskrona.se; covenant.se; wikipedia.de; kobinet-nachrichten.org; wikipedia.com.


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