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Leviathan Myth
The Unbeatable Giant

Leviathan is the name of a monster of jewish and christian myths which is living in the sea. As it is told in the Old Testament God created the Leviathan as a toy for himself. There older myths describing the idea of Leviathan as well. He is described as looking as a crocodile, a dragon (picture), serpent or a whale. Oftentimes he is a metaphor for the obliterative power of the sea.

The leviathan is unbeatalbe for humans. According to Job "his heart is as firm as a stone" and "made without fear". About the final defeat of Leviathan are told different stories.

In Christianity the figure of Leviathan was mainly an allegory for the evil. So he was associated with the devil as well as he was known as a symbol for chaos, disorder or the sinfulness of men. Thomas of Aquin saw him as the embodiment of the capital sin envy.

The political philosopher Thomas Hobbes composed a state-philosophic writing titled "Leviathan" in the 17th century. In his book the unbeatable Leviathan is a picture for the almightyness of the state. Futhermore Leviathan is a commen theme in art and literature. Also ships and aircrafts wore his name betimes.

Covenant named one song of their album Europa "Leviathan". The sea is a central theme in its lyrics.

Image source: wikipedia.de
Information source: wikipedia.de

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