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Blade Runner
Visions Of A Dark Future

"Blade Runner" is an US-American SciFi-movie from 1982 made by Ridley Scott. Over the years it evolved to a veritable cult movie. "Blade Runner" could be seen as the first film of the cyber punkt genre, it impresses with it's obscure visual effects and a layout that is very rich in details. The soundtrack by vangelis strengthens the dark and lost mood generated by the design.

Los Angeles in 2019: die City beacme a darkened rainy place. The tenebrous atmoshpere is penetrated by omnipresent advertising beamed at the walls of the houses. Animals are nearly extincted and mankind is about to make distant planets a place to live. This job is duty of so called replicants, artificial lifeforms visually indistinguishable from humans and physically superior to them. Their lifespan is limited to four years as well as it is forbidden to replicants to earth. The Blade Runners, a special Service unit of the police make sure the observance of this ban.

Six of the replicants can manage to escape to earth. Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner (Harrison Ford) is ordered to retire them. A dramatic chase begins.

The movie deals with regilious and philosophical, ethical and social issues. control and power, questions about identity and a possible future of mankind and the world we live in. A central matter is techical progress and it's costs. The question comes up if artfical life is as woth as natural life.

During the plot one of the replicants saves Deckard's life because he knows about the soon coming end of is life. In his last words he says: "All those moment will be lost in time, like tears in rain." This sentence reminds on the title of Covenant's song "Like Tears In Rain". Then again the band appoints of "Blade Runner" as being an important source of inspiration.

Image source: bladezone.com
Information source: wikipedia.de; covenant.se


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