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[d] In der Rubrik 'Links' findest du neben den offziellen Covenant-Seiten auch relevante Labels, Hersteller von Klangerzeugern und einige Bands, die dir vielleicht gefallen.

[e] In The Category 'Links' you can find not only the official Covenant pages but also labels, manufacturer of sound devices and some bands you may like.

Covenant - official homepage:
Covenant Forum - in German and English:
Covenant @ Myspace - an official myspace account:

Labels & Partners
Synthetic Symphony/SPV - Covenant's current European label:
Metropolis Records - label in North America:
Sub Space Communications - current Scandinavian label:
Dependent - Covenant's former German label:
Memento Materia - first label of Covenant:
Project Management - booking / concert management:
Hardbeat Promotion - public relations / promotion:

Making Music
Clavia - the manufacturer of Nord keyboard instruments:
E-MU - inventor of the Emulator II:
Korg - masters of music:
Moog - sound pioneers:
Native Instruments - software synthesizer: - a large synthesizer database:
Waldorf - the synthesizer company:

Apoptygma Berzerk:
Culture Kult├╝r:
Edge of Dawn:
Empire in Dust:
Haujobb/Destroid/Architect (Daniel Myer projects):
Pride and Fall:
Project Pitchfork:
Skinny Puppy:
VNV Nation:

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