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Review "In Transit" DVD

An absorbing road movie

After a long wait the time has finally come. In the middle of October the "In Transit" DVD will be released. The "Skyshaper" tour took Covenant across Europe, North- and South America as well as Russia for almost one and a half year. A film team was following the band everywere.

Whereas in North America "In Transit" is available as 1-DVD version and as a separate Live CD, it's in the rest of the world available as a double DVD box set including a Live CD. For this review just the first DVD (In Transit – The movie) from the double DVD box set was available for us.

"In Transit - The Movie" is a tour documentary, staged in an interesting way. Besides some very impressive as well as private snapshots of the band on stage, backstage and during their trips from concert to concert, the openly and detailed stories from Joakim and Eskil between the live recordings are a special highlight of the DVD. They talk about making songs or look back on special experiences on tour. Even some banal things like the "bus rules" were mentioned. Another highlight is a self-interview of Joakim and Eskil talking about their inner thoughts and giving away some "secrets".

The production as well as the edit makes "In Transit - The Movie" an exciting experience. English and German subtitles and a choice of Dolby Digital 2.0 or 1.5 are special features of the DVD.

Besides the "In Transit – The Movie" , the double DVD box set includes a DVD with a live recording "Live in Germany", three clips of the Wave Gothic Treffen 2004 in Leipzig and some bonus material.

The DVD is a rollercoaster ride of funny, sad, comical and thoughtful passages. "In Transit" is a very special DVD highlight you can truly look forward to.

Author: Kilian Spohr (ShadowByte)
Translation: Sandra Szulakiewicz (covenant_girl)


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