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Rising Sun

My eyes grow darker
Can barely see your face
Yesterday I tried to belong
You know I won't stay that long

In a time of lust and liars
I learned to trust my own desires
Touch me don't be ashamed
I just don't know how to play that game

In pride and grace we rise with the sun
With the morning light
We just run and run
The good old days that imaginary place
With the rising sun
We forget and we embrace

My eyes grow darker
Guide me now
Can barely see your face
Just lead the way

My days grow longer
Can barely find my trace
One more day I try to be strong
You know I won't last that long

For a time I feed the fires
I search and seek while time expires
Hold me I'm so afraid
I just don't know how to keep this flame

Lyrics & Music: Joakim Montelius

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