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Invisible & Silent

I'm tricked by your smile
Want to be forgiven
Waiting for the battle
Aching for belief

But your answer is wrong
And my spirit is broken
Like choirs in the winter
Singing out of key

I am silent
Invisible to you
While I count the days gone by

I am silent
Invisible to you
While I shape the things to come

I try so hard
To fight for an illusion
Holding my breath
Biting my tongue
I try to cope
So give me a reason
I'm waiting for help

I'm trapped by my guilt
Want to be forgotten
Tired of the noise
Aching for relief

But your anger is gone
And my silence is golden
Like fires on the water
Drifting out of reach

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsson


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