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Fuzzy Logic

I've had a sleepless night
I'm not sure that I'm alright
It feels like something snapped
Some connection deep inside

The world is turning white
Morning sun is blinding bright
I feel like someone trapped
So reluctant in the light

What logic?
Nothing makes sense anyway
Fuzzy logic
Nothing makes sense anyway
Nothing makes sense anyway
Logic makes sense every day

My road grew dark and long
I don't know where I belong
It seems like somewhere close
A perception growing strong

I heard the siren's song
My perspective got all wrong
I it seems like no one knows
Don't remember all is gone

It's been a hard long wake
Now the hour's getting late
I thought I had a plan
Lost it somewhere on the way

I've seen the small turn great
Always thought it was my fate
But then I'm just a man
Had no patience left to wait

Lyrics: Joakim Montelius
Music: Eskil Simonsso

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