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Concept of the web page

With the web page we implemented two different ideas, wich are represented by two sections:

The first section - 'Your Knowledge Base' - is primarily an almost encyclopaedic collection of dates, facts and information around Covenant. Besides an extensive dicrography, lyrics and a livegraphy with additional info like setlists and so on there are also news, interesting links, gallerys and more.

The second section, called 'The Lost Port' stands for a more metaphoric approach to the creations of the band. The concept is to exceed the pure facts and illuminate some backgrounds. But it is not a matter of the bands private live or subjective interpretation of song lyrics. Instead we check out some officially mentioned or at least likely sources of inspiration. For example we explain how a Thermin works or how northern lights arise.

The page is completely biligual and will of course be continuously maintained and developed in all categorys.
For further information please just have a look to the imprint.

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