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About the Band Covenant
Basic Background Information

After their first musical attempts together singer and composer Eskil Simonsson, programmer Joakim Montelius and keyboarder Clas Nachmanson from Helsingborg (Sweden) allied to the band Covenant in 1989. Under the influence of bands like Kraftwerk or Front 242 their ideas of progressive electronic music.

The three friends choosed the name for their project, originally dreived from the bible, to express the bond of their friendship.

Their first Album "Dreams Of A Cryotank" was released in 1994 und was primarily marketed in the German Electro-Scene. With their second Album "Sequencer" from 1996 they finally conquered the Clubs of Europe and offered further innovative and groundbreaking works in the reneval years.

Primarily based in the EBM/Industrial-surroundings with their newer works Covenant tended towards Future Pop with issues of Trip Hop, Dance and Drum'n'Bass and belong now to the spearheads of alternative electronic music. The band describes their music as "Pop music with an edge".

At the end of 2007 Clas left Covenant for personal reasons, although the three founders of course stay friends. Shortly after that Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Destroid) has been affiliated as a member of the band. Daniel had already replaced Clas on stage several times in the past.

Soon you can read more about the story and biography of Covenant here. Until then you learn more about Covenant's releases in our 'Media' section. A very detailed and personal autobiography is to be found on the band's official web page.

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